Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Arrival in Europe
Chapter2: Festivals and Getting on the Road
Chapter 3: Italia, Sud Tirol
Chapter 4: St. Moritz and Andermatt
Chapter 5: Lucern and Interlaken
Chapter 6: Big City Switzerland
Chapter 7: France
Chapter 8: Intermot and Oktoberfest
Chapter 9: Venezia and Hvratska
Chapter 10: Greece
Chapter 11: Turkey
Chapter 12: Istanbul to Tunis
Chapter 13: Tunisia
Chapter 14: Morocco
Chapter 15: Spain and Portugal
Chapter 16: All Roads Lead to Rome
Chapter 17: All Roads Lead to Wartenberg
Chapter 18: Germany
Chapter 19: Luxembourg and Belgium
Chapter 20: The Netherlands
Chapter 21: Wales and England
Chapter 22: Scotland and Ireland
Chapter 23: London and Home
Chapter 24: What Next?