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We left Wartenburg and headed east towards Vienna stopping first at another one of King Ludwig’s castles, Chiemsee.

A boat ride across the Chiemsee took us to the castle island

Inside Herrenchiemsee

Jumping on the autobahn, we headed in the direction of Vienna, planning to visit that beautiful city for a few days and then turning north to Berlin via Prague.  The plan went awry just east of Salzburg.  Audrey’s F650 died beside the highway with a dead battery.  We disconnected the headlight and rode back to Salzburg to find the nearest BMW dealer.  We don’t know if the reason that the new regulator was so expensive because that is the normal price or because the BMW dealer in Salzburg is also the Ferrari dealer!  In any case we waited almost a week for the bike to be repaired and enjoyed our time in Salzburg.

Beautiful Salzburg

We used the opportunity to purchase a new tent as our faithful Mountain Equipment Coop tent had become brittle from overexposure to the sun.  It was a bit of a sad moment after purchasing a McKinley Ranger 5 and setting both of the tents up side by side that we had to toss the MEC tent into the dumpster.

The old and new tents

As Ekke had made an arrangement to tour the BMW motorcycle factory at a specific time in Berlin the time to visit Vienna and Prague had evaporated.  We thus rode the autobahn from Salzburg to Potsdam, just outside Berlin, in one day.

Ekke's bike back at its birthplace, the Spandau motorcycle factory in Berlin

The gardens in Potsdam


The best view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is from inside the Starbucks

Mayday celebrations in Berlin

From Berlin we rode west to Bielefeld to visit our friends Peter and Inge.  Our friends’ motorcycle club owns a property in the Eiffel region, only a few kilometres from the famous Nürburgring race track, so we rode the 300 kilometres there together.  We camped there for a few days, taking day trips around the countryside.  The roads were just as much fun as those in the Alps, tight and twisty.  For only a few euros we took Ekke’s bike on the Nürburgring, riding two up.  Needless to say we got passed like we were standing still!  A Rhine cruise and visiting castles finished up our time in Germany.

Bielefeld's castle on the hill

On the road to the Nürburgring

A Porsche at speed on the Nürburgring

A spectacular castle in the German countryside: Berg Elz

Riding down to the Rhine

On the Rhine cruise

Castles are plentiful along the Rhine


Leaving our camp near the Nürburgring and heading for Luxembourg

  After Easter we left Munich for Vienna and Prague but ended up going to Berlin from Salzburg

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